Timberland Veterinary Clinic
and Glamour Paws Pet Grooming

Nancy Schmidt from Glamour Paws Grooming started her career while working for a veterinarian over 20 years ago. Before joining Dr Stevens at the Timberline Pet Clinic, Nancy groomed in the Longview/Kelso area.

Under the name Adara Poodles, Nancy is an American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit, and is expanding her kennel to include Shih Tzus. With 17 years experience in the dog show ring, she has groomed for many other breeders and other dog show enthusiasts. Currently, Nancy serves as a member of the board of the Columbia Poodle Club.

Although she has lots of professional experience grooming poodles for show, Glamour Paws Grooming welcomes all sizes and breeds of dogs. She especially enjoys grooming puppies including patiently helping them overcome their fears.

Grooming prices vary with the size of the dog and condition of the coat. At Glamour Paws, nails, ears and anal gland (if needed) are considered part of the grooming service. Call today for reservations!

"Nancy did a great job with my dig Yuki! I've used her 3 times now and my Dog gets excited when she hears the name Nancy. She always comes back looking good, clean and happy! I highly recommend her service!"
"Thanks Nancy!"

--Brad C

"I am a Standard Poodle show dog owner and breeder in Portland, Oregon. I have known and seen Nancy, owner of Glamour Paws, work on a variety of Poodles, including some very challenging situations. With each dog, Nancy makes an assessment, listens to the dog owner's requests, and then takes the time to groom and dog to make it look its best. Nancy is also honest about any problems she might find, and will let the dog owner know about them. All my dogs love her, and look forward to seeing her; she is great with them! I highly recommend Nancy as she embarks on her new shop now open for your business."

--Jeff S

"Nancy always does a wonderful job on my teacup size dog Emma. She has some health problems and she always takes extra care to make sure she has a pleasant experience."

--Sarah S.

"Nancy is a wonderful groomer. She is professional and thorough and my dogs love her. She has much experience grooming pets and show dogs and is fast but gentle. You can tell that she likes the dogs as well as what she is doing. I highly recommend her service."